Thoughtfully designed forever homeware. Better for you, our world and others.

A beautiful home doesn't have to cost our earth

Home is everything to me 

I am passionate about beautiful interiors and expertly crafted quality products. I created Conscious Convert to bring more comfort to your world in the form of beautiful homeware that is made responsibly and with respect for nature. ⁠⁠While in University I worked in the linen section of a large department store learning all aspects of luxury linens & textiles. I travelled the world for several years working in such diverse environments as India, the USA, Africa & Europe, soaking-in the beauty of our world, new cultures and people and witnessing first-hand the devastation mass production is having on our planet.

In recent years I have become very conscious of the impact my purchasing decisions can have on the livelihoods of others and protecting our world for future generations. I truly believe aesthetics & ethics can go together. ⁠⁠

After some years of research, I found the right people to make something really special.⁠⁠ I work directly with Portuguese manufacturers, no middle agent, with a focus on creating beautiful homeware of outstanding quality that is made with world-leading certified organic materials and created responsibly considering both the environment and human safety from sowing of the cotton seed to sewing the final thread.⁠⁠ ⁠⁠

With my passion for beautiful interiors and the need for homeware of outstanding quality that is created responsibly I founded Conscious Convert. ⁠

We are committed to providing you with beautiful homeware that enhances the comfort of your home and is always made with the well-being of you, our world and all of those involved in the creation, of our collection, at the core.

-Founder & CEO


Thoughtful Design 

Our collection is made with nature’s best & finest organic materials, certified by the leading organic standard, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Designed in Ireland and created by expert Portuguese craftspeople who have worked for over 40 years creating the most beautiful home textiles. 

Eco-System of care

Every product is designed with care and consideration for you, our world and all of those involved in the creation from the Farmer to the Craftspeople. That is why our entire collection is 100% Global organic textile standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. The GOT Standard sets requirements to ensure that the environment is protected and every person in the working community is in a safe working and ethical worrking environment from sowing to sewing. To further support the protection of our planet for the future we donate 1% of everything you purchase to non-profits working towards creating a healthier planet through our partnership with 1% For The Planet