2022 Interior Design Trends

2022 is all about bringing warmth, personal style and our connection with nature into our homes. This year, interiors will be created with personality and for comfort.
When incorporating trends into our interiors it is so important to choose items that will stand the test of time both in terms of sustainability and style. Developing your own personal style is not only beautiful and unique but it is good for the environment too as you create a more thoughtfully considered home that you will enjoy way beyond 2022. Below we share the top Interior Trends for 2022 that will stand the test of time. 

Warm colours and botanical prints

Interiors will see more colour this year reflecting a sense of optimism and hope. Colours in earthy tones and hues found in nature ranging from greens, in all shades, to earthy browns and terracotta clay, complemented by warmer neutrals. Paint wall to ceiling for a complete monochromatic moment that will envelop you in cosiness. Discover the earthy tones in the beautiful new collection of paint colours curated by Liberty exclusively for Farrow & Ball -  https://www.farrow-ball.com/curated-by-liberty  A unique feature of their website is to see the floral and paisley iconic Liberty prints to complement your colour of choice from this gorgeous new collection. 

Organic Cotton Bed

2022 will see the resurgence of fabulous botanical prints and imagery. It will take over interiors applied to wall hangings, wallpaper, cushions, headboards and stunning window dressings. Beautiful examples of floral displays in furniture, cushions and art work at the iconic Liberty London below.   

Floral Sofa Liberty
Bringing the natural elements in

Strengthening our connection with nature and creating a sense of calm we are moving towards warm tones and a desire for earthy elements such as stone, gorgeous woods and rattans in our homes. Backsplash, bathtubs, furniture and decorative objects in terracotta, marble and travertine, wood. Large trees will feature indoors think olive trees, ficus tree, more things in the home that feel organic & nice to the touch.
Image of an exquisite natural counter top, "Created by nature, crafted by hand" at Trunk Floor Rathgar, Dublin  https://www.trunkfloor.com/material_type/stone/

Natural Stone Worktop

Biophilic design

Biophilic design focuses on the human connection between nature and the environment. This Interior design trend incorporates plants and nature into a home Everything from lighting, ventilation, to bringing elements of the natural world in is considered, to create a calm environment that will be both aesthetically beautiful and have mental and physical well-being benefits.

Biophilic Design - Bringing the outdoors in

The Beauty Of Curved Lines

Curved lines within the home bring a sense of flow & energy. Curves provide softness in a space and can boost good feeling. Think curved corners within walls and cabinets to curved sofa backs, dining chairs to arched doorways and windows curves. Curves are set to make an impact on every level within home design. The best way to bring it into your home – alcove shelving, and elegant curved headboards and accessories such as mirrors.

Arched WIndow

Stylishly Sustainable

What is old is new again. Introducing a historical, antique or vintage piece can change the mood of a room. According to AD’s predictions think French tapestry, designs will prevail on cushions, bedframes and other furnishings. Having furniture that is built to last and is stylishly sustainable we’re reducing our carbon footprint while adding character to create an elegant and timeless space. Find your vintage piece through your local antique dealer (many have online auctions), online marketplaces and local markets. Older pieces will add character, warmth and texture to your home.

Antique Rattan Chair



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