Timeless Interior Style

Is your interior style Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern, Vintage.. or a mix? ⁠
Whatever your personal taste there are elements we should consider when creating a home, "that embrace sustainability and won't date", according to Interiors Writer Nikki Walsh. 

Read Nikki's top tips on how to create a timeless sustainable interior style in your home home that will stand the test of time.

Classic interiors embrace sustainability. Here are five ways to create a home that won’t date:

1. Start with the flooring
Interiors queen Rose Uniacke has been combining elegant style with sustainability for many years, with her love of antiques and her own eco-friendly paint range. When she advises her clients, she always tells them start with the floor. Use natural materials such as slate, wood and stone which will look as if they have always been there, grounding the room and providing a foundation for other pieces.Luxury Flooring Sustainable Flooring
2. Invest in key pieces
Antique and vintage pieces will add tone, texture and history to a room in a way a mass-produced item never will. All you need is one beautiful, well-made piece. When choosing a piece that will last forever, look to its craftsmanship. How well made is it? Remember the Shaker philosophy: it must be beautiful or useful.
3. Avoid trends
Choose quality over fashion every time. A well-crafted kitchen will stand the test of time in the way a high fashion one will not. The same applies to fabric – choose sustainable fabrics, such as organic cottons, that are made with natural, earth-friendly, biodegradable materials and look out for the GOTS certification, the worldwide leading standard for organic textile production. Concentrate pattern on cushions and throws, changing things around when you get bored.
4. Embrace symmetry
Symmetry creates balance in the timeless interior. How to achieve symmetry? Find the natural focal point of the room, such as the fireplace, and work from there. In contemporary rooms gather sofas around a central piece such as an artwork. Create mirror images either side of the focal point by using pairs such as matching lamps or mirrors.

5. Layer history, tell a story
The most timeless interiors move through time. Create layers of history and family interest with framed photographs and old letters. Display old family collections, gather books and curate paintings. Tell the story of who you are and where you are from.

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