5 Interior Experts Part with Their Top Tips for Making a Comfortable Home

Interiors Writer Nikki Walsh connects with Interiors Experts who part with their top tips for making a cozy home : 
  1. Interior designer Natalia Miyar, www.nataliamiyar.com, is well known for her tactile spaces. For her, the key to comfort is fabric – think upholstered headboards, throws over sofas, little rugs beside beds. Layer tone and colour and choose fabrics that are sustainable and will last for the ultimate in cosy.
  1. Lighting expert Emer Gillespie from Spark & Bell, sparkandbell.com, puts dimmer switches on all her lights. “Rooms love being softly lit – they look so cosy and inviting – in an instant. I have dimmers on my wall lights in my living room at home and the room is transformed every evening. Suddenly it’s a room you want to get comfortable in.”
  1. “Declutter,” says Interiors editor and Instagram influencer Ciara Elliott, @ciaraelliott “I make constant edits. Over the years I’ve realised the importance of a place for everything. I think carefully about storage so I’m not tripping over shoes and school bags. A streamlined interior is a calm one that you can really relax in and enjoy.”
  1. “Buy what you love is my carrion call,” says antiques dealer and author Josephine Ryan, whose beautiful London home in currently on sale josephineryanantiques.co.uk “Buy the best you can afford and live with it for the rest of your life. Antiques are green. Don’t be afraid to mix styles and periods. Make your home your own, a reflection of you. Don’t follow trends and allow your taste to develop. Comfort will be the result.”
  1. Interior Designer Ben Pentreath has been creating comfortable homes for decades. “I begin with the sofa,” he writes for House and Garden, “Remember that comfort is distinct from luxury, and can paradoxically be found more often in simplicity than excess.” Bring on generous sofas, squishy armchairs and lots of cushions. For a guide on how to pick the best sofa for you see an article by Megan Burnshttps://www.instagram.com/megan_burns___/  for  Image Online  -  https://www.image.ie/living/buying-a-sofa-an-interior-designers-guide-on-where-to-start-and-how-to-choose-the-best-option-for-you-599889

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