INSIDER TIPS: From 3 leading Irish Interior Design Tastemakers

Feel like a mood-boosting, energising refresh in your home, but not sure where to start? 

Spring is a time of new beginnings, renewal and transformations, time for starting a fresh and one of the most satisfying times of year to give your home a mood-boosting refresh. It's nature, it's colour, we are coming out of hibernation, throwing open the windows, deep cleaning and de-cluttering to make way for brighter breezier days ahead. A refresh of the smallest space is energising, everyone benefits from a refresh. Here we share tips, from three experts in Interior Design and Sustainability, for renewing spaces in your home and how to transition your home from winter to spring for the ultimate spring refresh. 

Biophilic Design 

"Invest in indoor greenery. There are so many plants, even for the least green-fingered of homebodies, that will help to clean your home’s air and add colour, advises Jo Linehan GAFF Shop & Sustainability Journalist, Monstera deliciosa, ferns and even herbs are affordable and mood-boosting." 

Fresh Home Fragrances

"Invest in a fresh scent. After the headiness of the festive season, there’s nothing better than a new home fragrance to breathe new life into your living space. Citrus notes bring a vibrancy that will lift your mood and get you ready for the new season". 

Seasonal Flowers 

Elaine Verdon, Creative Director, LEO & CICI, loves how fresh flowers natural mood boosters and room brighteners, can transition a home into Spring "I love after what can be a long dark winter, seeing fresh growth around the garden. I love having seasonal flowers like daffodils or snowdrops around the house. Pops of colour that bring so much joy, and always help to signal brighter days are up ahead. " 


Green Tiles

Power of Colour

"Freshening up an existing space or piece of furniture with paint is a great way to inject some energy to your home this spring. Brighter hues can help to banish the winter blues and bring lots of new energy." 

Image LEO & CICI

Bedroom Refresh 

 "Swap out some of your textiles and cushions within your bedroom, remove the heavyweight blankets for lighter linen type throws, for a fresh twist." Layering with natural breathable fabrics, such as organic cotton bed linen and throws, are perfect for temperature regulation, staying warm on cool nights and cool on warm nights. 

Shelf Styling 101

Paula McCarthy, Creative Director PM Interiors shares her recommendations for a spring home refresh; how to embrace earthy colours from changing cushion covers to paint and how making the simplest changes, such as how shelf styling can instantly refresh a space. 

Shelf Styling
Image : PM Interiors 

"One of the simplest ways to make a change to your living room or shelved areas is to change up how you have styled the shelves. If you have always had the same ornaments or picture frames on your shelves, then take this opportunity to purchase some new styling items, move around your existing items that you love, remove or change your photos or frames, and add some spring flowers such daffodils or tulips for a pop of freshness."

Earthy Colours

Embrace earthy colours

Think browns, beiges, greens, warm whites and even terracotta reds. Earthy colours are a big trend in 2023, so if you are planning on getting the paint brush out this spring, why not try to incorporate some of these warmer colours into your room? It’s an easier transition if you already have neutral furniture. Besides painting the walls, you could also add some warm earthy cushions, a beige or cream throw, a warm neutral rug and perhaps invest in a new framed print that picks up on these on-trend hues. "


Don't forget to let us know if you tried any of these. Please let us know in the comments field below. We'd love pictures too!

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