Bedroom Refresh

Take a look at these dreamy luxurious bedrooms for inspiration and see below for the common elements that we have identified that you can recreate in your space to achieve a luxurious and restful space.

Full floor-length curtains slightly draped on the floor or just touching the floor, are both elegant and stylish, a similar effect can be created, with muslin cloth .  If choosing curtains that are slightly draped, two inches more than the length to the floor is recommended.

A sense of height and space is created by hanging the floor-length curtains from the ceiling, or just underneath the ceiling coving on a simple plain narrow black or pewter pole.

With crisp white bedding, a room feels less cluttered and calmer as the bed is often the most predominant feature in the room. Choose natural fibres, cotton, linen, hemp or other as it will allow your skin to breathe and the safest fabrics, that is organic, which are free from toxins, so best for your health.

Warmth and a feeling of coziness and comfort is created with textured cushions, rugs and throws.  Re-create the plush effect using down fillers for your cushions, in a size that is between two and four inches bigger than the cushion cover.  

Neutral walls & monochrome colours create a restful space with a touch of greenery to add a fresh look.  As these canopy beds dominate the room the walls are free of adornments and neutral in colour. Keep decorative accessories to a minimum to recreate this sense of calm in your bedroom. Consider adding plants that will make the room feel fresher and add oxygen to the room.

The Canopy bed is the real WOW factor in these rooms, my dream bed.  I have found a recent article in the Irish Independent listing stockists in Ireland or that deliver to Ireland, see link.  Waking a sleeping beauty -

Enjoy recreating this look and be sure to share  @conscious_convert.  For more inspiration see our collection of bedding, throws and cushions .

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