How is GOTS good for you and the environment?

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTs) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. To be accredited with GOTS certification extremely strict requirements must be met, considering both ecological and social criteria, to ensure the safety of both the environment and the people, throughout the supply chain process. The environmental impact of every facility, and the health, safety and wellbeing of every person involved throughout is vetted and considered. Full traceability of every certified product ensures a safer product for the consumer, farmers and anyone who is working on it.
Organic cotton, overall, has the lowest environmental impacts, less water used in production, and no toxins and pesticides or fertilizers is used at any stage of the process. Significant research indicates exposure to agricultural chemicals or physical proximity to chemical-based farming communities there are higher incidents of serious diseases and developmental problems. GOTs ensures that the communities and the environment are protected from this harm. GOTs requires environmental management plans to protect the local environment and social compliance criteria that corresponds to the International Labor Organization (ILO).

By supporting business’s that are certified by GOTS you are positively contributing to:

  •     A Healthier Planet
  •     The Livelihoods of Farmers & Working Communities
  •     A Healthier You

Because our products are GOTs certified, we know where they have been, who has been involved in the production of our designs, from planting the seed to the sewing of the labels and know that each part of the process is monitored to ensure the safety of the environment and all involved from the farmers to you, the customer.  
GOTs is the highest standard in the world that is why at Conscious Convert everything we produce is GOTs certified.

How do I know it is GOTs certified?

Every textile product that is GOTs certified can be labelled with the trademark-registered GOTS logo, and a license number that has been provided by GOTS association. This would appear similar to the image of our GOTs certification below -

Invest in GOTs certified products for you, your home and the social welfare of others.

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